Sunday, 27 February 2011

Out And About

The p2 is running great, i have had no problems since the reed valve conversion. The reed valve has made a massive difference to how the scooter runs, it has loads more bottom end grunt and it flys going straight off the clock with ease. Its also better on fuel which can only be a good thing

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another Build

At last the parts have arrived to get on with the rebuild . The casings have been milled to match the base plate of the reed valve but when i came to bolting it down i noticed that the bolts were to long , these had to be cut down on the bottom and ground on top to to fit properly. Also the gaskets had also needed a bit of a trim to make them fit nice .Other than that it all went together quite will and started up second kick. The crank is a new M.E.C one that i got off ebay. I have also rejetted the carb to:Main Jet 138. atomizer 264. needle x2. idle jet 55 lets see how this runs in like

Monday, 5 April 2010


Its a long weekend and seeing beedspeed are so slow at sending my stuff out i have decided to mod the malossi piston. I was not going to do this as i want good reliability (not that its been reliable at all) but what the hell. As you can see the holes have been filed down but not all the way like suggested by S.I.P this should still be strong and not crack, best to play safe

Friday, 2 April 2010


As i'm still waiting on the parts, i got on with altering the crank side of the inlet, i will have to wait for the reed valve to do the carb side. It was hard work so this is as far as i dare to go

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Well all's not well with the scooter . A month back i had a issue with the igniton that i was trying to fix and i must have not tightend the flywheel up properly which riped the flywheel off and has coursed the crank to twist which damaged the casings. Thats all i needed its not been a good start to the year all round and with the Into The Valley run coming up its going to be a rush to fix it in time. I have decided i have to go with a reed valve to fix the problem as well as a new crank and bearings and stuff. Its been hard to find the funds so the lammy project has been put on hold but i have now ordered the parts and should have them soon

Monday, 24 August 2009

Gearbox Seal

Well i have had a problem with the scooter it had never run great and after i ran it in the problem got worse. I tried a new petrol tap and petrol pipe, then a new cdi unit, and lastly i even put the standed carb back on!. You see the problem was very odd the scooter would start up fine and run nice until i'd give it some stick then it would start to stutter and it would run like a bag off shit with no tickover you would then ride a bit more slower and it would run fine?. when it ran like shit it felt like a seal had gone but i couldn't work out why it would fix itself. So i decided it strip it down and have a look and look what i found
it looks like the seal had popped out on to the side of the crank but was still making a seal when there was low bottom end compretion. The seal had come from sip and felt a bit soft on the edge, this type of seal is right for the year of the scooter but you can fit the newer steel seal according to my mate(Thank Gillie). All you have to do is clean were the seal sits then apply some locktite on the edge of the seal and also where it sits then knock it in and lastly punch three marks to lock it in place. Now the scooter runs sweet, i have just got 70mph in third, on a good day and if my diet go's well (i'm a bit of a homer simpson) it shoud be good for 85+

Monday, 22 June 2009


Ye its on the road and i have run it in but its got a couple of issues, one being fuel (I have a new tap on the way) and the clutch won't disingage fully? (also a new one on the way) .Apart from that i'm very happy with it and it does go like stink. I have been rebuilding my shed/workshop and will be getting on with the paint job and rebuild of the sportique, oh and i do have the lamy now( the picture is of the far side of conwy castle

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ready For M.O.T

Just a photo of the scooter as it is now i have put the old back light on for the m.o.t and a new seat as the one i had was a poor fit and very uncomfortable, it shoud be on the road next month for the nice weather thats when the fun starts

Friday, 27 February 2009


Well i've had some problems with the carb i fitted a Keihin PWK copy as it was a cheap one from thailand its no surprise. I don't think they suit vespas as the fuel pipe has to bend up in a loop as it meets the carb input pipe resulting in fuel starvation when low fuel in the tank. You could fit a pump but i was offerd a delorto/malossi kit form a good mate and have now fitted it which has fixed all my issues

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Look At My Orange Shiney Helmet

Wow its christmas again, i must be getting old it doesn't seem like 12 months has gone by, i hope you had a good xmas and lets hope next year isn't as bad as thay say its going to be. still christmas brings presents and look what my lovely wife got me a new lid not just any lid but a orange one Result!. I have also now got the funds to get most of the missing bits. On a different note i,ve been overhauling my tool box and buying some new tools this should help in the future

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Headlight And Wiring

As i,ve been doing the sportique (see and the lack of money (recession) the progress has been a bit slow. I have bought a new headlight and have done some wiring as well as other bits and pieces. Hopefully i should have all the bits i need to finish by the new year

Saturday, 30 August 2008

First Run


I've got on with putting it back together over the last few weeks but it's been slow going, i'm short on parts and have run out of dosh (Times are hard). Today it ran for the first time and it ran well!. There won't be much more done til i find more funds

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Sunday, 13 July 2008

More Paint Job

Click on photo to enlarge

Enlarge and you can just see the pearl

Some more photos

Paint Job

Set up ready to go Undercoat

Well its painted thou i still have to put the decals on and relacquer it but it went well. Its painted in DuPont 2K, first went on the undercoat then topcoat which has gold pearl in it then two coats of lacquer.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ready To Paint

Its all rubbed down at last and ready to paint. I will get it to work this week and paint next weekend. The decals have been done and have turned out great, the fun will start when i try and put them on. I have also made a hole in the engine side panel to let in cold air to the carb

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Wet flat

Today i got on with sanding down the scooter with 800 wet and dry, i have ordered the decals last week so thought i'd better get on with it. The scooter was stripped to bare metal then repaired and primed last year so it has gone very hard

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Its been along time since i put an update on but things never go how they are supposed to. First scootrs have let me down on the headset and my wife got her way and i had to fit a new kitchen which swallowed all my spare time and left us broke!. I have had a rethink and have decided to shelve the drops and rebox the s.i.p seat ( might do that next year ) instead i have ordered a bespoke trimmed seat from the scooter republic on ebay thay have kept intouch and even sent pictures of my finished seat before sending it to see if i'm happy, which i most definatley am. The engine has been finished and now ready to fit. Its now time to get on with the paint job

Saturday, 16 February 2008


I did this work a couple of weeks ago but not had time to do the blog, anyway, the bits came to finish the engine. The casings have had the inlet modified and milling to match the malossi kit, then they were rubbed down, etch primed and painted jet black.

I put the gearbox together with the new cruciform and selector shaft and t5 short 4th gear, not forgeting to check the shim gap. Then the malossi clutch plates were soaked in oil overnight then i put the clutch together with a polini straight cut gear up kit ( Maybe it would have been better to go for a cosa clutch but i already had the gear up and love the sound they make)

The casings were fitted with new bearings and seals then the christmas tree was put in followed by the main shaft with gears then the Mazzucchelli gas flow crank. New kick start stop buffers, kog and spring.

I then put the 2 halves of the casings together with a fresh gasket and bolted together using stainless steel nuts and washers. Checking that all moved freely and the crank run true. I slipped the clutch and torqued it up. Next on went the piston, studs, Cylinder and a modified pinasco head, then the stater plate, hp4 light flywheel, selector box, backplate, shoes and hub, the carb and cowlin are just resting on for the picture.

I am still waiting for the flywheel cover, it's coming with the headset from Scootrs. I have been given a date of 20th of this month. As soon as it arrives i will be able to get on with the paint job.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


A wet and windy day and not much to do except build the forks up. The disc went on ok but it did not come with a speedo drive, bolts to hold the calapor on or a seal curclip and d washer to attach it to the forks. The shocker is a sebac unit with a biturbo spring

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Pete Tong

Well it all went pete tong over the holidays. I was going to build my engine but a pattern cruciform wrecked the thread on the selector shaft and that was that, still, some of the items i ordered arrived. One being my disc brake, a grimeca semi-hydraulic classic from the scootercentre in germany with10% off, free post and a free t/shirt xl Result!!

Before Painting
After painting. I also made a stainless steel plate to cover the semi-hydraulic master cylinder. I have also ordered drop handle bars from scootrs they will probably take a while to arrive. I will have to wait till the end of the month before i can order the new (Genuine) parts for the motor and a lovely hard and probably uncomfy s.i.p race seat (Looks before comfort)